For the King: almost there…


For the King: book cover

Yes, the pub date is tomorrow! Needless to say, I am on pins and needles. In the meantime, I invite you to follow this insightful discussion of For the King and its characters by the great bloggers of Historical Tapestry.

I will just quote a few sentences:

“To me it was a window to the history of that period. The political, social, economical aspects of the society that came out of the French Revolution are all represented in this story.” Ana, of Aneca’s World.

“The strength of the characterisation of this novel is that just when you think you know the character, you learn a little bit more about them and realize that you actually don’t really know them as well as you thought…” Marg, of The Adventures of an Intrepid Reader.

“Paris is definitely one of the main characters of For The King… descriptions and details are so rich and gripping… For The King seems to be born out of Catherine Delors’ love for Paris and its history.” Alex, of Le Canapé.

Thanks to all of them for participating!

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