Encore Marie-Antoinette: Trianon, by Todesbonden

For the second time in a few months I find a metal ensemble with an interest in Marie-Antoinette. This attests to the late Queen’s status as a pop culture icon.

I already mentioned Jucifer’s L’Autrichienne. Now Todesbonden is releasing a debut album titled Sleep Now, Quiet Forest. If you follow this link, you can listen to the tract titled Trianon. Beautiful female voice and a Celtic tone to the melodies. To be released on June 23.

Speaking of Marie-Antoinette, I realized that if mistakenly wrote in an earlier post that the exhibition dedicated to her at the Grand Palais was closing on June 3.

I will blame this error on my intractable dyslexia and offer my apologies. It is indeed open until June 30, so if you are in Paris, you can still see it!

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