Discover the Paris of For the King

Alex at Historical Tapestry has a wonderful post on the Paris of For the King. She remarks, and how right she is, that the city is one of the main characters of the novel. So she illustrated various passages with paintings and engravings of the old Paris, and photographs of the modern one. It is fascinating to see how much, and how little these places have changed. One of the more challenging -and fun- aspects of writing the novel was to trace my characters, both real and fictional, through the fashionable avenues and muddy, rutted unpaved alleys of the city.

I will quote Gabrielle de Montserrat, the heroine of my first novel, Mistress of the Revolution: “I fell in love with Paris. Indeed I am still under its thrall, in spite of these twenty years of exile.” This statement is purely autobiographical, and I can still claim it as mine, except for the fact that now I have rejoined my beloved city.

Well, it seems that Alex, judging by her beautiful post and pictures, is, like Gabrielle and me, under the thrall of Paris…

Also check out her blog, Le Canapé (bien sûr!)


Paris: the Pont-Royal in 1850

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