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The Oradour-sur-Glane massacre: life and death of a French village

On the 10th of June 1944, four days after D-Day, the SS regiment Der Führer, belonging to the division Das Reich, quartered in south-eastern France, is getting ready to leave for Normandy to fight the Allied landing. Nearby stands the quiet village of Oradour-sur-Glane. The SS first surround it and then proceed to gather the […]

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In search of the true Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc, or Jehanne d’Arc, died at the stake on the 30th of May 1431. This Sunday if the 579th anniversary of her death, as well as her Feast.  Every year, I try to write a post on this blog to honor her. I say “try” because any words I could find are inadequate […]

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Diane de Poitiers returns to her grave…

Diane de Poitiers is one of the foremost ladies of the French Renaissance. As the mistress of King Henri II, twenty year her junior, she wielded immense political influence. She was given the royal title of Duchesse de Valentinois, and much of the crown jewels. The palatial chateau of Anet was built for her in […]

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14th of May 1610: assassination of King Henri IV

Henri was known as le bon Roy, the good King. I found memoirs of the Revolution in which he is mentioned, almost 200 years after his death, as “the only king whose memory the people of France have treasured.” When the royal tombs at the Abbey of Saint-Denis were destroyed in 1793, an eyewitness reports […]

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Monet Women in garden

My search for Monet’s great love Camille, a guest post by Stephanie Cowell. And a giveaway!

As promised, Stephanie Cowell‘s guest post! —————————————————- The grave was overgrown, the headstone worn and tumbled when you used to walk through the graveyard of the old church of Vétheuil in search of Monet’s muse and first wife Camille. For a hundred and twenty years, the remains of the beautiful woman who died young had […]

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Aleanor of Aquitaine Queen of France

Eleanor of Aquitaine and Alaïs of France: a study in contrasts

I am honored to host a guest post by fellow writer Christy English, whose début novel, THE QUEEN’S PAWN, has just been released. Christy kindly agreed to tell us more about the two French princesses, Eleanor of Aquitaine and Alaïs of France, who are the protagonists of her novel.

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Paris Square des Batignolles snow

Paris in white

I had to go to Vincennes this morning to do some research in the military archives and found my city more beautiful than ever in its velvety white coat, under a white sky. So I wish to share this picture of the Square des Batignolles with you, and invite you to watch this slide show on […]

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Van Gogh Paris Vegetable Gardens

Van Gogh’s Montmartre: a guest post by Sheramy Bundrick

When people think about Van Gogh, they might think about the Netherlands, his birthplace and locus of his earliest artworks, or they might think about Provence, where his most famous paintings were created. But Paris, key to Van Gogh’s artistic development, should not be ignored. As a fledging art dealer in his youth — yes, […]

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Les Halles panoramic view with Saint-Eustache

Les Halles: yet another controversial project in the heart of Paris

I have so many posts in the works for this blog: 18th court costume, the two wives of Louis XIV, Marie-Thérèse and Madame de Maintenon, film reviews, book reviews… But this morning I am in an autumn mood. I love fall, for me it is a season of hope and new beginnings. So I wanted […]

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gargoyle watching over Paris

Notre-Dame gargoyles watching over Paris

I found this post at Environmental Graffiti fascinating. Paris changes, the gargoyles keep on watching over the city. In my second novel, For The King, my protagonist, Roch Miquel, climbs the towers of Notre-Dame upon his arrival in Paris and and discovers a bird’s eye view of the capital. An experience he will never forget. […]

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