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Jane Austen The History of England Mary Queen of Scots

The History of England, by Jane Austen, at the British Library

Like the rest of her Juvenilia, this short work sparkles with wit and unconventionality. You may now view the whole manuscript on the site of the British Library. All the more precious and interesting because of the illustrations by Jane’s elder sister Cassandra Elizabeth.

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1812 Prianishnikov

A new view of Napoléon’s Russian campaign

Napoléon’s military campaign of 1812 ranks among the worst man-made catastrophes in history. Of his Grande Armée of 600,000 men, only 40,000 returned to France.

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Jane Austen

The Jane Austen exhibition at Winchester Cathedral

On the heels of the Woman’s Wit exhibition at the Morgan Library in New York closed in March, this is a new Jane Austen exhibition at Winchester Cathedral, in Hampshire. During her final bout of illness, Jane had moved to Winchester to be closer to her physician. She died there on July 18, 1817, attended […]

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Aleanor of Aquitaine Queen of France

Eleanor of Aquitaine and Alaïs of France: a study in contrasts

I am honored to host a guest post by fellow writer Christy English, whose début novel, THE QUEEN’S PAWN, has just been released. Christy kindly agreed to tell us more about the two French princesses, Eleanor of Aquitaine and Alaïs of France, who are the protagonists of her novel.

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Louise de Keroualle Duchess of Portsmouth Peter Lely

From Louise de Kéroualle to Monet’s waterlilies: a day at the Getty, and things to come

What a gorgeous day it was for a visit to the Getty Center. Sunny skies, clear vistas of the Pacific to the West and the snow-capped San Gabriel Mountains to the East. For the first time I took the guided tour of the extraordinary gardens, where the red, pink and white azalea maze was still […]

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For the King: the book trailer is out!

Do book trailers work? The jury is still out on this one, but these short segments are certainly fun to watch, and I have heard many readers say they buy books based on them. So I asked fellow writer, and designer, Kris Waldherr to craft one for me.

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Jane Austen Pride and Prejudice Elizabeth reading

The last days of Jane Austen…

… at the Morgan Library. Though the end of Jane’s earthly life is evoked in this beautiful exhibition, of course. The account of her last moments, when the only yearning left was for death, the terse expression of Cassandra’s sorrow, brought tears to my eyes. I have been very remiss in not posting earlier about […]

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tarot La Maison Dieu House of God

Fortune Telling: Death, the House of God and the French Revolution

The Right Honourable Miss Moppet, heroine of the Misadventures of same name, has a post on the deleted chapter of Mistress of the Revolution. Not only that, but Miss Moppet puts my own Gabrielle in the company of Sergeanne Golon’s Angélique, Sandra Gulland’s Joséphine B, and Françoise Chandernagor’s Madame de Maintenon in the magnificent L’allée du […]

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Nights Dark Shade Elena Maria Vidal

An interview of Elena Maria Vidal, author of The Night’s Dark Shade

To introduce Elena Maria Vidal’s new novel, The Night’s Dark Shade, I will be content to quote the opening words of her preface: The Night’s Dark Shade is a novel of thirteenth-century France. The Middle Ages was an era of intensity. People applied themselves with great ardor to every endeavor, be it art, poetry, warfare, […]

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Die Braut des Jakobiners Catherine Delors

Book promotion, Die Braut des Jakobiners, foreign rights and various updates

As you probably know, many traditional media have cut down on their book review sections (sad, it was always the first section I read in my Sunday paper). Fortunately for writers and readers alike, literary bloggers have stepped in. We now have many more outlets, run, often without any expectation of profit, by people who […]

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