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Chardin La toilette

A follow-up on Boucher and Chardin at the Wallace

I have now seen the Boucher & Chardin exhibition twice and still can’t decide what it was about: was it tea in the 18th century? French versus English way of life? Chardin versus Boucher? All three, I believe, possibly more. In any case, it was too much for a two-room show.  Yet those shortcomings could […]

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Chardin Woman taking tea

Boucher versus Chardin

The Wallace Collection in London is a dream come true for any lover of 18th century art, and worth a long, leisurely visit. Or rather make it many long, leisurely visits. Now, about the current exhibition there, titled Boucher and Chardin: Masters of Modern Manners. The first thing that surprised me was its size: it fits […]

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Fragonard The debut of the model

The model’s debut: Fragonard’s look at the loss of innocence

I already mentioned that Fragonard is one of my favorite painters and that I am honored to have a detail of one of his paintings adorn the cover of Mistress of the Revolution. A very versatile artist, equally at ease with religious themes, insightful portraits and light, sometimes libertine scenes. This painting, Les débuts du […]

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Boucher Breakfast

Boucher, Chardin and the essence of Frenchness (or not)

This new exhibition at the Wallace Collection in London is titled Boucher and Chardin: Masters of Modern Manners. It came to my attention thanks to an article by Waldemar Januszczak, a noted British art critic, in The Times. I found Mr. Januszczak’s pronouncements on both Boucher and Chardin rather startling. Here is what he writes […]

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Canaletto Venice Ducal Palace

Canaletto’s Venice today…

A reader asked whether Venice would be the setting of one of my future novels. No, I do not believe so at this point, though you never know… I must warn you that you won’t find in this post any of the photos I took there. Oh, I would gladly share them with you, but […]

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Lady of the Unicorn Sight

The Musée de Cluny: from Roman baths to the Lady of the Unicorn

The week-end here in Paris was sunny and crisp. Perfect weather for a long walk, followed by a visit to a museum. I did not feel like the Louvre and decided for the far smaller and more intimate Musée de Cluny, often ignored by tourists. Its official name is Musée National du Moyen-Age-Thermes et Hôtel […]

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