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Marguerite Gerard exhibition

Marguerite Gérard, painter in 1789

Marguerite Gérard (1761-1837) is remembered, when she is remembered at all, as the sister-in-law, student and collaborator of the great Jean-Honoré Fragonard. She was also an extremely successful painter in her own right, to the point where her fame eclipsed that of her brother-in-law from the 1780s on. Then after her death Mademoiselle Gérard fell […]

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Van Gogh Paris Vegetable Gardens

Van Gogh’s Montmartre: a guest post by Sheramy Bundrick

When people think about Van Gogh, they might think about the Netherlands, his birthplace and locus of his earliest artworks, or they might think about Provence, where his most famous paintings were created. But Paris, key to Van Gogh’s artistic development, should not be ignored. As a fledging art dealer in his youth — yes, […]

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Vigee Lebrun Caroline Bonaparte Madame Murat

Painting Caroline Bonaparte’s portrait, by Madame Vigée-Lebrun

Louise-Elisabeth Vigée-Lebrun is best remembered today for being Marie-Antoinette’s favorite portraitist. In fact her career went on for decades, with unabated success, after she left France in October 1789, at the very beginning of the French Revolution. For years Madame Lebrun traveled to Italy, Germany, England and Russia, where she enjoyed the patronage of the […]

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Boudin Beach

Corot to Monet, at the National Gallery

I saw this exhibition yesterday. It is a superb retrospective of 19th century French landscape. Don’t expect much in terms of Impressionism, but what a delight to browse rooms full of the works of Corot, Diaz de la Peña, Boudin, the “master of the sky” (below, Beach at Trouville) and many lesser known artists. Hurry, […]

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Chantilly grande singerie

Monkey business at Chantilly

I am referring to the Grande Singerie, the Great Monkey Room of the Chateau de Chantilly, one of the residences of the Bourbon-Condé family. This room began with a white and gold rococo paneling, characteristic of the first half of 18th century. But in the 1730s the Duc de Bourbon decided to use this particular […]

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French Porcelain for English Palaces

I have been working remarkably hard lately, both at my law practice and on the edits of For The King, so I allowed myself an afternoon off. All the more appropriate that this was the first fine weather day of this harsh English summer. The Queen’s Gallery, with its exhibition on Sèvres porcelain in the […]

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Joan of Arc Lenepveu Pantheon

Joan of Arc at the Panthéon

Today we celebrate her Feast, in commemoration of her death at the stake on May 30, 1431, at the age of 19. For a brief and necessarily inadequate account of Jehanne’s extraordinary life, I refer you to this prior post.  This year I was wondering how to honor a woman whose memory has remained so […]

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Tres Riches Heures du duc de Berry Months May

May, from Les Tres Riches Heures du Duc de Berry

Better hurry, because today is already the 26th! This month went by fast, with an alternance of bitter cold, sweltering heat and thunderstorms here in Paris. Such is le joli mois de mai, the pretty month of May. Here we meet again with the courtly Limbourg brother. He chose to show us a group of […]

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Van Dyck Henrietta Maria and Charles I

Van Dyck and Britain

After visiting, and immensely enjoying the Van Dyck exhibition at the Jacquemart-Andre last fall in Paris, I was anxious to see this new one in London. There was very little overlap, apart from the self-portrait of the artist reproduced at the beginning of the prior post, and the portrait of Lady Killigrew at the bottom […]

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April, from the Tres Riches Heures du Duc de Berry

Lilacs, wisterias, tulips, apple trees, everything is blooming in Paris. People are already flocking to the terraces of the cafes to enjoy this beautiful spring day. A reminder that the month will be over before we know it. I could not let it pass without posting this miniature from the Tres Riches Heures du Duc […]

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