Book signing at Dutton’s Brentwood on March 14: still on! And we’ll always have the memories…

Some of you may have heard the sad news already: Dutton’s Brentwood, after its sister store in
Beverly Hills, will be closing on April 30, leaving its 40 employees searching for new jobs. The Los Angeles Times writes that Dutton’s “has a national reputation, a following among
authors who appeared at its many readings and, for its two decades of history,
a special place in literary Los Angeles.”

Blog readers have asked me whether my book signing, on March 14, is still on. The answer is a resounding YES. It is still on! The event coordinator at Dutton’s has kindly contacted my publicist, Amanda Walker, to confirm that my signing, like all March events, will proceed as scheduled.

Many Angelenos will mourn the passing of that iconic
bookstore. It affects me in very personal manner, all the more so that
Dutton’s is intricately linked to Mistress of the Revolution. It just happens that Pam Sheppard, my editor,
used to work in its Beverly Hills store while she was helping me edit the

I would drive to the store on Friday nights after work, she would take
a five-minute break and hand me back my manuscript with her edits marked in
red. We would discuss a few things, and then it was time for her to return to
work. I was so impatient to see her edits that I would review them in my car,
by the harsh light of the neons in the parking garage downstairs. On other occasions,
I would meet her at the end of her shift, and we would have dinner in the friendly
little Italian restaurant across the street.

But there is more! I want to call your attention to a comment posted a few days ago under my First Sale Story entry. Here it is: “I may have made the first retail purchase [of Mistress of the Revolution] on Friday evening at Dutton’s. My son
had an appointment across the street and I went inside and the first thing my
eye was drawn to was a lone copy of Mistress of the Revolution on the
shelf! The clerk had no idea how it got there and it was not in the
computer as stocked inventory, but he was happy to sell it me me

How could this have happened? My publication date is not until March 13. My novel was not supposed to be on the shelves, and yet it was beckoning to a reader of this blog. Call it a clerical error, serendipity, a stroke of fate, whatever, but the very first copy of my novel seems to have been sold at Dutton’s Brentwood.

I am both very proud and very sad to think that my first book signing will be one of the last events there.

March 14, 7pm

11975 San Vicente Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA

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