Awards, received and given

Excessively Diverting blog award

What can I say? I feel honored, spoiled, grateful, happy…I received three awards lately. I wouldn’t have been so slow in acknowledging them and awarding them in turn, if it hadn’t been for a nasty, extremely durable flu, followed by a locked neck (lovely) that prevented me from typing just at the time of the release of the paperback of Mistress of the Revolution.

But enough on my assorted health woes, and back to the blog award business. First the lovely Excessively Diverting Blog Award, from the equally lovely Lady Georgianna, subtitled 18th century party people. They are a costumed 18th century performance group and their performances consist of 18th century popular music, poetry and readings.

So here are my Excessively Diverting Blog awardees (in alphabetical order, as usual):

1. A Thousand Clapping Hands. Beautiful photographs…
2. Baroque Explorations, Sandra Guland’s research blog. French 17th century. Need I say more?
3. Ingrid’s Fashion is My Muse. Her great posts on Marie-Antoinette are
often quoted here, and she shows a commendable level of tolerance when
I get nitpicky (one of my very, very few flaws, I must admit .)
4. Fellow writer C.W. Gortner’s Historical Boys.
5. Judith’s gorgeous Paris Atelier
6. Elena’s Tea at Trianon
7. Jackie’s Weave a Garland of My Vows. Yes, more French 17th century coming our way…

Proximade blog awardAnd then we go to the Proximade Award from Ingrid at Fashion is My Muse. And this one goes to:

1. Lucy’s Enchanted by Josephine.

2. Floating Along (Japanese prints, beautiful)

3. Amy’s Passages to the Past
4. The great ladies at Unusual Historicals.

5. Sheramy’s Van Gogh’s Chair. Watch out for her new historical The Sunflowers, released later this year.
6. Holly’s Wonders and Marvels.
Now in the interest of full disclosure (and also to hopefully pique
your curiosity) I will tell you that I will have a guest post on
Saturday on one of the perks of royalty. Which one? Let me just say it
will have to do with childbirth…
8. Cinderella’s World of Royalty

Sisterhood Award

Wow! Quite a list. But wait, it’s not over. Yes, a third award from All Things Considered: the Sisterhood, with a nice 70s feel to it. Or is it 60s? Whatever, there is no such things as too many awards. This one goes to:

1. Aneca’s World

2. History Undressed
3. Hoydens and Firebrands

4. Medieval Woman (the very same Susan Higginbotham who used to rant and rave.)

5. Reading Adventures

6. Reading the Past (always THE reference on historical fiction)

7. Julianne’s Writing the Renaissance

Thanks to all for being such great friends, writers and readers!

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