And yet another review at Van Gogh’s Chair

When I said those reviews kept coming my way! I just discovered this one, titled France in Fiction, by Sheramy at Van Gogh’s Armchair. My Google Alerts were apparently asleep at the wheel and didn’t warn me of its existence, as they should have. I simply stumbled upon it while visiting Sheramy’s blog, as I do a few times a week.

Sheramy’s blog is dedicated to Van Gogh, art and many other fascinating topics. She describes herself as an art historian, professor, writer and traveler.

And Sheramy says that, thanks to Mistress of the Revolution, she has added Gabrielle’s country of Auvergne to her list of must-see places. Of course, I might be a teensy bit prejudiced, but I do not hesitate to state that Auvergne is one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

I go there myself every summer, and am beginning to make plans for this year. Also, my third novel provides the perfect excuse, as if one were needed, to go back. I have even discovered a hiking itinerary titled In the Footsteps of the Beast. With a name like that, what could go possibly wrong?

So to thank Sheramy and all of my other readers, and my own selfish pleasure, I posted this beautiful picture of the Valley of Mandailles, taken from the Puy Mary. Enjoy!

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