Academy Awards: For the King, Colin Firth and Natalie Portman

Due to the time difference, I was in bed while the big show was going on. So please tell me: how did Anne Hathaway and James Franco do? For me, THE Oscar host will always remain the great Billy Crystal, but I should probably get over the fact that he doesn’t want to do it anymore. Really, Mr. Crystal? I’d stay up all night, time difference or no time difference, to watch you host the ceremony…

Oh, well, anyway Colin Firth (quite deservedly) in The King’s Speech and Natalie Portman in Black Swan were the foregone choices in their categories, and Speech had been building up momentum for Best Picture. Best Original Screenplay? I already expressed my views earlier on the question.

To illustrate this post, here is a photograph (credit: David Barrie) of the room where Lionel Logue received the Duke of York, later George VI, in the film. I naively believed it was a set, but should have known better: one can’t manufacture this frighteningly realistic degree of shabiness. I have been told this indeed a private residence in London’s Marylebone district. One of the touches, with the performances of course, that make the film a pleasure to watch.



Lionel Logue couch, from The King's Speech


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