A new review of Mistress of the Revolution at Cottage Way of Life

Many thanks to Sue at Cottage Way of Life for this wonderful review. Here what she says: “I was turning each page as fast as I could read it. As with any book I enjoy, I
couldn’t put Mistress of the Revolution. When it was done, and despite the horrors of the French Revolution,
I was more than a little sad to leave that world and the people inhabiting it
behind… I think perhaps, that is the highest recommendation for a novel
one can give.”


If you scroll higher in Sue’s post, you will find a picture of a bookcase in her house. First, I believe that books are the warmest, nicest, most beautiful element in any decor, and also on Sue’s bookshelf, I noticed not one, but two Eiffel Towers.

Speaking of French decor, I am staying for a few days at the country house of a friend, less than an hour away from Paris. The place was built a few years before the Revolution. I am typing this on my laptop in the garden. Everything is  in full bloom on this gorgeous spring day. Yes, I know, I am fortunate…

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