A new award for this blog!

It is called a Premio Dardos Award and is given “for recognition of cultural, ethical, literary, and personal
values transmitted in the form of creative and original writing.” Wow! Thanks to Vic at Jane Austen’s World for bestowing this award! She says that “Catherine Delors’ lush blog is addictive.” Lush, addictive… I am barely legal.

When you think I only started this blog nine months ago. Yes, just the time of a pregnancy. Some of you will remember the faraway days when it was called Writing with a foreign accent. Though the name has changed, I have tried not to lose the French accent. And I have been rewarded with an increasing flow of visitors and the friendship of fellow bloggers, without whose help this endeavor would have gone nowhere. To all, my heartfelt thanks.

Now comes the great part: I have to designate fifteen blogs I deem deserving of the award. This time I have decided to focus on history, especially the 17th and 18th centuries, and historical fiction. Here we go, in alphabetical order:

Baroque Explorations: fellow writer Sandra Gulland’s 17th century research blog.

Ellen and Jim Have a Blog, Too: Ellen shares her passion for 18th century art and literature. Large helpings of Jane Austen. Already nominated by Vic, but there’s no such thing as too many awards when you deserve them.

Fashion is My Muse: no doubt about that, Ingrid.

Historical Boys: yes, men can do it too. Bravo, CW!

Historical Tapestry: the news on historical fiction.

History Buff: Michelle Moran is one.

Paris Breakfasts: the food, Carol’s pictures… Sinful.

Reading, Raving and Ranting: Susan tells you everything you wanted to know about those creepy English rulers, but were afraid to ask.

Reading the Past: Sarah is the voice of historical fiction in the United States.

Tanzanite’s Book Covers: the good, the bad, and the ugly (the latter two somewhat overrepresented.) Never, ever fails to cheer me up.

Tea at Trianon: for Elena’s outstanding knowledge of French history.

Unusual Historicals: beyond Tudor.

Van Gogh’s Chair: I have discovered, too late alas, that I should have been an art historian like Sheramy.

Wonders and Marvels: no, wait! I should have been a medical historian like Holly. Or maybe it was all right to go to law school after all.

Writing the Renaissance: last (sorry, Julianne, this is alphabetical) but not least, the French Renaissance blog.

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