Your input, please: music, or no music?

Sometimes I love music on websites, sometimes I find it distracting and hasten to turn it off. So I have long hesitated before putting this blog, or my website, to music. I would choose something from the 17th or 18th centuries (no, not the soundtrack to Sofia Coppola’s Marie-Antoinette.)

So what is your take on this? Website only? Blog only? Both? Neither?

To illustrate this post, Nattier’s portrait of Madame Henriette, one of Louis XV’s many daughters. The sisters were quite musical, but how poor Madame Henriette could play the cello in her cumbersome panniers is certainly a wonder. One of her father’s favorites, she died at the age of 24, in 1752, from the smallpox. Which makes me think that I should do a series of posts on the daughters of Louis XV…

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15 Comments to “Your input, please: music, or no music?”

  1. Catherine Delors says:

    It does. Thanks, Roy!

  2. Roy says:

    You can put music on you site but as i have done, do not put it in the background where people can not turn it off. I do have music on my site, but it’s only as posts. This way the reader can decide if they want to listen to it or not. Most of the time people are listening to the TV or have their own music on, so it’s better not to force music on your site. Hope that helps-Roy

  3. Catherine Delors says:

    Thanks, Richard! It seems that music on the blog wasn’t a great idea after all. So on we (shall) go with the daughter of Louis XV. For his mistresses, I believe that posts on Madame de Pompadour (the Petit Trianon was built for her) and Madame du Barry (she was also a figure of the Revolution) might be of interest. Otherwise I won’t even try to keep track of all the ladies Louis XV bedded. Most were neither interesting nor influential.

  4. Richard says:

    I will be waiting for the daughters of Louis XV, (please no mistresses).

    As for music, well for slower computers it makes the unit load more slowly.

    De Brantigny

  5. Catherine Delors says:

    All right, all right, I hear you (n’en jetez plus, as they say in French.) No music on this blog! Sorry, Georgie and Felio, you were outnumbered.

    I did not expect the idea of a series of posts on Mesdames, the daughters of Louis XV, to meet with such enthusiasm. Just  because I was looking for a picture of a musical lady, and remembered this gorgeous portrait of Madame Henriette…

    I will put things in context first and begin with a post on the circumstances of their parents’ wedding, and Queen Marie Leszczyńska, their mother. Probably this week. Stay tuned.

    Thanks to all for your input! It is most appreciated. And feel free to comment further.

  6. NON! no nein niente nada zip
    S.V.P. no music Catherine :(
    I find it a distraction and usually I’m listening to the BBC Book At Bedtime in the background…
    LOVE this painting it because it is silent?

  7. Sibylle says:

    Most of the time when I surf I listen to music so the first thing I do is turn the one on the website off (it’s so annoying when it’s turned on as soon as you open the page so you have to search frantically for the off button, I’d much prefer it if I could make the decision myself). I’m afraid I won’t be able to hear whatever you put here if you do.

  8. Sue says:

    Yes, most definitely, yes to a post on Louis XV’s daughters, I’d love that. But, an emphatic no to music on your blog from me. I hate music on blogs, no … HATE music on blogs. I carry my lap top around with me, working where ever, music is usually an intrusion and I immediately hit the off button to kill the sound.

  9. Georgie says:

    I personally would appreciate the addition of music. I will say there are times it presents as an annoyance. I simply turn off the volume. So I vote to strike up the band! Then we will all have an option.

  10. Please no music but please, oh, please do some posts on the daughters of Louis XV. I was just thinking of them today and wishing there was more balanced information about them on the internet.

  11. Elisa says:

    Oh, please do post further on Louis XV’s daughters!

    I have the “Marie Anoinette” movie soundtrack. The 2nd disc has the classic-theme music.

  12. Felio Vasa says:

    Wow- I might be a little different in the sense I don’t mind music appreciation & how it works hand in hand with Art history. I guess there should be an options to turn on and off. I listen to music as I work too -probably Coppola’s soundtrack- but the reality is I love Bach but have never heard Gluck (Marie Antoinette’s favorite) at all.
    It is amazing that they accomplished as much as they did in their daily wear. This is a gorgeous painting of Madame Henriette. I personally would love posts on Louis XV’s daughters. As we know he loved them a lot & spent a lot of time with them at their apartments. Also I’m out there collecting books (over 150) on the subject & I haven’t found much on Louis XV so I feel it would be insightful if you did write about his daughters.

  13. Ingrid Mida says:

    Playing the cello in a panier dress might not be as difficult since one is typically perched on the edge of the chair to play. Plus given that the cello requires one to sit with legs wide open, the panier would allow a woman to sit in this manly stance without worrying about it. However, if the panier was excessively wide, it might have made it difficult to bow properly. I must try it!
    As for music on your blog, I would have to vote against it. While I love classical music, I typically have music on while I am at the computer. When I come across a website with music, I frantically rush to turn it off (especially if it is late at night and I don’t want to wake anyone).

  14. Charlotte says:

    Silence is golden…please no music.

  15. Marg says:

    I am not a big fan of music on websites or blogs.I have to say that if you do decide to go ahead and put it on either, please, please, please make sure that there is a way to turn it off, so that those who want to listen can, and those who don’t don’t have to!

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