The HNS Conference is over…

And we have to wait two years until the next one! I had been warned that it would be great fun, but it far exceeded my expectations. I wanted to post a full report already, but unfortunately the hotel’s sluggish internet connection won’t allow me to do so now. Proper acknowledgements (and many, many are owed) will have to wait until I am back home. I have so much to share with you, but tonight I will be content to thank the readers who came to talk to me, my fellow panelists, all the attendees and the HNS volunteers who made this possible.

Tomorrow I will be taking a (well deserved) day off to visit Chicago and pay a visit to the treasures of its Art Institute, like this Watteau, before flying back to Europe.

Watteau Pastoral

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7 Comments to “The HNS Conference is over…”

  1. Catherine Delors says:

    Oh yes, Amy, there will be a NHS Conference next year, but in the UK. The next US Conference is indeed will indeed be in 2011, on the West Coast. I still have to post on the last one. It was so much fun…

  2. Amy says:

    So glad you had a great time. So, there won’t be a HNS next year? Bummer, I was hoping to go. Maybe it’s for the best – gives me time to save some money!

    That is a beautiful piece of art – have a great time!

  3. Catherine Delors says:

    Thank you, Genevieve!

    And Susan, Louise de Keroualle is such a wonderful subject. I never walk pas her portrait at the Getty without a thought for this lady’s astonishing life.

  4. Susan says:

    Catherine, it was a genuine pleasure to meet you at HNS — and to hear Louise de Keroualle’s name pronounced the way it should be. :)
    I’ve always loved Watteau, too. So wistfully beautiful…

  5. genevieve says:

    We can’t wait, Catherine.

  6. Richard says:

    Check under the stars for the Joan of Arc bust by Mercie!

    I grew up in that building!

  7. Sheramy says:

    Bonjour Catherine–It was wonderful to meet you in person and spend time chatting. Quel plaisir! I hope we will meet again soon. I also hope you saw some van Goghs at the Art Institute! They have a good selection…

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