Spring, by Millet

There are many wonderful pictural representations of spring. An embarrassment of riches. After much hesitation, I chose Le Printemps, by the great Normand painter Jean-François Millet. The uncertain skies, the apple trees in bloom, the nature in all of the splendor of its rebirth… To be admired at the Musée dOrsay.

Happy spring to all!

Millet Spring

Millet Spring

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5 Comments to “Spring, by Millet”

  1. Catherine Delors says:

    Matterhorn, Judith – Thanks for your kind wishes.

    Penny – You ask a very interesting question, because Millet’s art has always seemed to resonate deeply with Americans. His most famous painting, L’Angelus, was commissioned by an American, and his work inspired Mark Twain. Yet I do not believe Millet even set foot in America. Can anyone else throw some light on this?

  2. Penny Klein says:

    I love this. I think it will look great in my living room. by the way. i tried to post once before and the software lost it.

  3. Penny says:

    Beautiful,I may steal it for my kitchen decor. by the way it also reminds me of my neighborhood, has Millet been to the USA anytime in his life?

  4. Judith says:

    Happy Spring to you Catherine! I remember seeing this painting in person, it is amazing. The true essence of beauty! Perfect post.

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