Marie-Antoinette souvenirs at auction

These dainty pink and green silk shoes belonged to Marie-Antoinette. They sold yesterday for 62,460 euros, almost $82,000, at auction in Paris. They are a French size 36 1/2 (6.5 in the US.) According to the auctioneer’s information, they were presented to the Queen by Alexandre-Bernard Ju-Des-Rets, gentleman of her household, at Versailles in 1775.

A pink silk fragment, from one of Marie-Antoinette’s last gowns before she was jailed at the temple (that would have been worn at the Tuileries in 1792) went for 6,121 euros ($8,000).

Likewise a white cotton cuff worn by the Queen at the Temple sold for 6,870 euros ($9,000.) More pictures of these objects here.


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