Marie-Antoinette in purple

Marie Antoinette Drouais

Marie Antoinette in purple Drouais

This portrait of Marie-Antoinette by François-Hubert Drouais painted in 1773, when she was eighteen and still the Dauphine.

This is to my knowledge the only of her many portraits where she is represented in a purple dress, with matching neck and hair ribbons. The black lace streamer in the background leads me to surmise that she may have been wearing some form of demi-deuil (light mourning.)

This was many years before Madame Vigée-Lebrun became Marie-Antoinette’s favorite artist, but Drouais, then the Court painter, captured the young woman’s steady gaze and determined expression.

If you have more information on this lovely painting, please chime in!

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