Louis XVI and American Independence

Yet another great post by Elena at Tea at Trianon. I had missed it in the excitement of my birthday, but here it goes:

is fairly well-known that without the military and financial aid given by Louis
XVI to the American colonists in their struggle for independence from Great
Britain, our nation may never have arisen

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3 Comments to “Louis XVI and American Independence”

  1. Hopefully I would have done what countless other Catholics did, leave for France or Spain. Or as St Thomas More did prefer martyrdom rather than apostate.

    My Mother is Irish, and as Catholic as one can be. Henry VIII was the King there too, and the faith survived, Cromwell killed Catholics in cold Blood and the Church survived.

    Henry may have been King but he was excommunicated. That made his decrees incompatable with the Church.


  2. Catherine Delors says:

    Even the King of England, Richard?

    What would you have done had you been an English subject under Henry VIII and the King had ordered you to recognize him as the head of the Church of England?

  3. I hadn’t made a comment on Elena-Maria’s article after reading it. As a dyed in the woll monarchist I am inclided to view the American revolution as a war which did not have to be fought. The American Colonies were given every indulgence in order to pacify them yet not (really) wanting anything less than rebellion they declined. I have to agree with Marie-Antoinette that it was a bad idea. The King being the King however he must be obeyed.

    de Brantigny

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