Louis XIV: the man and the King

This is the theme of a new exhibition at Versailles opening on October 20. Personal tastes and public image of an extraordinary character. This should one of the great shows this fall in and around Paris.

Stay tuned…

Louis XIV Bernini

Louis XIV Bernini

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5 Comments to “Louis XIV: the man and the King”

  1. Penny says:

    i forgot to add i agree with Sandra Gulland and i enjoy her books. i hope she continues along with yourself in historical novel writing.
    i am frustrated that the exhibit is in Oct. I won’t get to Europe until Summer and I have to spend some of that time with my sister in an English fishing town/tourist trap in Devon facing in fact France. of course she is not going to claim she should be secretary of state of US or VP just becasue she is across the channel from France. sorry. i had to say that. I am still upset about a certain American idiot politician.

  2. Penny says:

    I was reading the Tony Spawforth book on the building of Versailles. Louis comes across as egotistical and the idea of sun king was his idea along with the artwork depicting him. He seems quite involved in the creation of his new home which started out as a place to have secret rendezvous with his mistress at the time so his wife and mother would not know what he was doing. oh and it was a great place to hunt stag. i have to digress and say i had to ask a rancher I knew what a stag was. apparently he didn’t know that deer and other wild animals do not live in NYC except in the zoo and i still don’t remember seeing one. bulls yes, stag, no. not sure why. but that’s not important. the book says the sun king and his father discovered Versailles which was populated at the time, small but populated while they were out hunting and he was the major contributor to its beauty.

  3. Catherine Delors says:

    Sandra, Tristan, yes, this should be fascinating and a must-see for anyone coming to Paris this fall and winter.

    This bust is by Bernini and normally adorns the Salon de Diane in Versailles. A detail of it was chosen for the exhibition poster. I love the very baroque sense of movement in spite of the static pose (but then Louis XIV was never static, was he?)

  4. This exhibit should be fascinating.

    What is the background of the statue that you’ve used here? The only one that I’m familiar with is the large bronze of Louis on the horse. This (is it a?) bust looks gorgeous!

  5. Acht! I HATE not being able to see this! I look forward to your report, Catherine.



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