Interview at Romance Junkies

Here it is. Great questions, and candid answers.

Many thanks to Brooke!

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7 Comments to “Interview at Romance Junkies”

  1. Catherine Delors says:

    Elena and Julianne – Deal! I will work on these new posts to take my readers to these wonderful places. And Julianne, I am sure your kids were very cute and well-behaved. Now you will have to come back to Paris to really enjoy the old-fashioned chocolate at Angelina’s.

  2. How funny that you should mention Angelina, Catherine! I was going to ask if you’d been there, but I couldn’t remember the name of it. Years ago when my older kids were five and two and my in-laws were living in Paris, my m-i-l had the great idea of taking them there. The atmosphere and chocolate were wonderful, but unfortunately I couldn’t enjoy myself very much since I was so worried about the kids behaving properly. (The French expect a lot more of their children in public than Americans do.) Thankfully, all went well, but it certainly wasn’t a relaxing outing! I’d love to go back again someday, sans enfants.

    I’m sure your readers would love to hear about the museums and tea rooms you’ve been visiting. Most of us are probably insanely envious…..

    I hope today’s a better day for you than yesterday!

  3. Sounds like what my mother and I would do if we ever happened to be in Paris together.

    And the interview is delightful.

  4. Catherine Delors says:

    Don’t hold it against me, Julianne, but I have no Irish whiskey at home! The French know Irish coffee here, but I never thought of fortifying chocolate with any alcoholic beverage.

    The good thing about all the current upheaval in my life is that I had an extended visit from my Mom. We went to a tearoom called Angelina, on Rue de Rivoli. It used to be a haunt of Coco Chanel, and probably serves the best hot chocolate in Paris (after mine of course.)

    My Mom and I have been sampling the best tearooms in Paris: Laduree, Mariage Freres… She is also an art lover, and we tried various museum restaurants. Maternal love, art and great food: certainly a winning combination. An idea for a new series of posts?

  5. So sorry to hear that….I hope you have enough milk in the house to make yourself a nice, big cup of chocolate (fortified with shot of Irish whiskey, since the bakeries aren’t open yet to supply the brioche!).

  6. Catherine Delors says:

    Ah Julianne, I can vouch for the healing power of the hot chocolate/brioche combo. Actually today was a pretty miserable day for me, so I am headed for the kitchen RIGHT NOW!

  7. That was a fun interview, Catherine! I could go for a brioche and some hot chocolate myself…

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