How Mistress of the Revolution got published: My First Sale at

Oh, how I hated to displace Poussin‘s Summer from the top spot of this blog! But that’s the way of all posts: they move down the line as time goes by.

And I couldn’t wait to tell you about the First Sale post I wrote for Check out that site. It contains first-person accounts of novelists like me, fascinating discussions about the ethics of writing and blogging, and also book reviews.

In My First Sale, I explain how I found my agent, Stephanie Cabot, and how I sold the rights to Mistress of the Revolution to Dutton. I had already spoken of my journey to publication in my website, but this is a far more personal account. Writing it was a very emotional experience and took much longer than I expected.

Many, many thanks to the Ja(y)nes at for their patience, for all the wonderful things Jane writes about me in her introduction, and for giving me this opportunity to tell the tale.

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8 Comments to “How Mistress of the Revolution got published: My First Sale at”

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  7. Catherine Delors says:

    Indeed you may have been the first one to actually purchased (not merely pre-ordered) Mistress of the Revolution!
    I have no idea how it got on the shelves at Dutton’s over two weeks before the release date. I guess it was meant to be that way. Thank you so much for sharing this with me.

  8. Franklin Michaels says:

    Speaking of first sales, I may have made the first retail purchase on Friday evening at Dutton’s. My son had an appointment across the street and I went inside and the first thing my eye was drawn to was a lone copy of Mistress of the Revolution on the shelf! The clerk had no idea how it got there and it was not in the computer as stocked inventory, but he was happy to sell it me me nevertheless.

    Catherine, the book is so beautiful! I had no idea that Fragonard continued on the inside jacket. It’s a great idea.

    Then too your Jouffroy quotation is wonderful: “It is beautiful to meet someone. It can happen anywhere in the world. Anytime. But the stanges thing is that one does not only meet the living, and that meeting a dead person can change your life.”

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