Henri, the French-speaking cat

Today is Friday, I felt like something light and could not resist posting a link to this. Of course, Henri’s French is rather atrocious, but you have to give the poor animal credit for at least trying.

And the background music is one of Satie’s beautiful Gymnopedies.

I owe the discovery of this gem to a post by Eileen Cook at the Debs. It also contains some helpful publicity advice for writers.


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3 Comments to “Henri, the French-speaking cat”

  1. I never thought it would be possible that a cat could speak French. The video was really funny and I can’t wait for you to post more links like this one.


    You are very welcome, Eva. My son too got a great kick out of it.

  3. Eva says:

    That video was hilarious! Especially the horrible, horrible French. You know it’s bad when someone with only two years of college French and a couple weeks in Paris years ago winces. Thanks for the link though. :D

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