Happy 1st of May!

lily of the valley

Today is a holiday in France (Labor Day) and people present their loved ones with sprigs of muguet, lily of the valley.

If you have plans to visit Versailles today, please note that the Palace will be
closed, though the gardens will remain
open. Let me add that the grounds of Versailles in themselves are well worth a
visit, especially on this gorgeous spring day.

So let me offer you my 1st of May wishes, and this bit of lily of the valley. A pity the delicious fragrance of its blossoms can’t travel in cyberspace…

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10 Comments to “Happy 1st of May!”

  1. Catherine Delors says:

    Lovely indeed. Merci, Kenza! And congratulations on your other awards. All very well deserved.

  2. Kenza says:

    Hello Catherine,
    An Award “One lovely blog Award” for you from France…

  3. Catherine Delors says:

    I am so glad you enjoy these flowers, Catherine! To me they mean simple happiness, a gift I love to share with my readers.

  4. Health and happiness to you! How beautiful to receive this fragrant flower as a token. So very French!

  5. Catherine Delors says:

    You too, Sylwia!

  6. Sylwia says:

    Since my family’s roots are partly French my mother has been cultivating the custom at our home. I even taught it to my friends.

    Incidentally May 1st is free from work in Poland. We still have it as a Labour Day after the times of communism. We might get rid off the old monuments, but not the free days. :D

    Have a great year!

  7. Catherine Delors says:

    Thanks, Matterhorn! The picture was sent to me by a friend from Los Angeles. I will let her know it is a success.

  8. Matterhorn says:

    Happy 1st of May! Beautiful photo.

  9. Catherine Delors says:

    You too, Felio! I wish I could have taken the day off and gone to Versailles…

  10. Felio Vasa says:

    Lily of the Valley is one of my most favorite flowers. Thank you for posting this. Have a great day!

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