Giveaway: win a free copy of Mistress of the Revolution!

When I posted on galleys, some of you asked why I was not giving away a few copies. The answer was simple: the galleys of Mistress of the Revolution were long gone already. They had all been sent by Dutton, my publisher, to reviewers and other people who could help spread the good word about the novel.

But now the final copies are printed, and I decided to hold this giveaway at Loaded Questions, Kelly Hewitt’s blog.

So stay tuned for more details from Kelly and me!

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5 Comments to “Giveaway: win a free copy of Mistress of the Revolution!”

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  3. My website is in the midst of an overhaul, but when I’ve got it up and running, I’ll be sure to mention this on my site as well!

  4. Thanks, Eva. I’ll let you know, and I can’t wait either to see your review…

  5. Eva says:

    Awesome! When more details are up, I’ll post about this on my blog. I can’t wait until I get to post my review. :)

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