For the King: the book trailer is out!

Do book trailers work? The jury is still out on this one, but these short segments are certainly fun to watch, and I have heard many readers say they buy books based on them. So I asked fellow writer, and designer, Kris Waldherr to craft one for me.

I spared no expense for this lavish production: Kris and I did not hesitate a moment before enlisting the help of the very best talent available. Hector Berlioz provided an excerpt of his Symphonie Fantastique for the score. One of my favorite 18th century painters, Louis-Léopold Boilly, often featured on this blog, kindly offered his Paris street scenes.

The portraits of my protagonists, Roch (pronounced rock) Miquel and his beautiful mistress Blanche Coudert are works of François Gérard. I will tell you more about the choice of these portraits, and my own mental image of my characters, in a later post. And the image of the youthful Napoléon Bonaparte in his First Consul uniform (he was not yet Emperor, though already imperious) is by Antoine-Jean Gros.

Here is the YouTube link. And this book trailer is also posted to the sidebar of this blog.

Let me know what you think!

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26 Comments to “For the King: the book trailer is out!”

  1. movie cafe says:

    just found your blog on google, i am very impressive, awesome writing skill and great information.

  2. Penny says:

    Changed my mind about the music now that I have heard it a few more times.
    Like it much more.

  3. I LOVE it. I think a good book trailer really immerses you in the characters’ world…for just a few seconds. And makes you want more. I want more! Great job Kris.

  4. Svea says:

    Absolutely intriguing and elegant! Job well done :)

  5. Catherine Delors says:

    Thanks, Kris!

  6. Catherine Delors says:

    Thanks again for your help, Kris! It would be great if you could add the link to your blog post, as I am sure many readers would be interested…

  7. So glad everyone is enjoying the FOR THE KING trailer. I have to go on record to say that it’s hard to miss when you’re using Berlioz, gorgeous art, and a compelling story. And Catherine was a lot of fun to collaborate with.

    Lucy, I agree with you that book trailers can be rather cheesy — lots of slow “pan and scan” accompanied by corny music. (I actually wrote a post about this on my blog.) But I do think they can be a lot of fun as well as give an emotional charge for a book. Hopefully we’ve done that here!

  8. Catherine Delors says:

    I agree, Lucy, book trailers are a mixed bag. I saw the trailers Kris did for her own books, and found them very evocative. I heartily recommend her. And then her website is a visual treat…

  9. Lucy says:

    Wow! I am not ashamed to go on record saying that I do NOT like book trailers. I have never seen the point of them, and most come across as more than slightly cheesy. But this one is causing me to rethink. Very lovely, Catherine, and I have bookmarked its creator.

  10. Catherine Delors says:

    Thanks so very, very much to all! I was a bit nervous about your reaction to this, but now I can breathe easier… And special thanks to Tristan and Julianne for spreading the good word!

  11. Catherine, that is gorgeous! It is really riveting and drew me right in…very exciting. Congratulations on the book and the trailer. :)

  12. Marg says:

    Oh, I want to read it now! I find book trailers work best for books that I know I already want, and this one worked for me!

  13. Penny says:

    I loved it. Just confused by the introduction, romance, love, huh?
    Once past that, I enjoyed it. I almost wish I was an 18thC blogger so I could get
    an advance copy but alas, I am still a student.
    This time, Catherine, I promise NOT to do what I did after I read Mistress.

  14. Elizabeth says:

    I love watching book trailers and yours was fantastic! I cannot wait to read about these beautiful and fascinating people, only sorry we have to wait so long for its arrival!

  15. Jen Falchi says:

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  16. Reba says:

    This book definitely is inciting… Amazing music and great visuals. Having read the Mistress of the Revolution, I was committed to reading the “For The King.” The trailer is a confirmation that this book will undoubtedly be a pleasure to my eyes and my mind.

  17. Gealach says:

    That looks like a really interesting book!

  18. just an update – I’m getting some very positive feedback comments on the Facebook posting – FYI

  19. Sue says:

    I wanted to read For The King before I watched the trailer. But … oh man, I almost wish I hadn’t watched the trailer because now I really, really, want to read the book. Having to wait till July is painful.

  20. Brava!
    Exciting and beautiful!
    I’m going to post it on Facebook – LOL – I want my friends to see it.

  21. Catherine Delors says:

    Thanks, Julianne, how kind of you!

  22. Beautiful, Catherine! This is one of the very best trailers I’ve seen. I’m going to put the link up on my blog.

  23. Catherine Delors says:

    Thanks, Sandra and Marie! And what a relief to see my email subscriptions are working. Finally the move went rather smoothly…

  24. Marie says:

    I love the trailer! The music was fabulously ominous. And the email subscription worked just fine, too.

  25. It’s STUNNING, Catherine!!!

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