For the King now in stores!

Here at Barnes & Noble, Devon, PA, courtesy of fellow writer Susan Holloway Scott. A picture is worth a thousand words…

Thanks, Susan!


For the King at Barnes & Noble

I also wanted to post my blog tour schedule here, but my internet connection absolutely refuses to cooperate today (no thanks for the atrocious service, Neuf Telecom!) so that will be for tomorrow…

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3 Comments to “For the King now in stores!”

  1. Mike, this is small world indeed! I didn’t know you were a writer too… :)

    Penny, thanks so much! I will be more than happy to sign your friend’s copy.

  2. Penny says:

    Ah my dear Catherine, I have been having problems with my blog people cannot gain access to the site. Periodically.
    Today we are having thunderstorms and I had to reboot the wifi to get that restarted.

    the good news is that I bought 2 copies of your book. 1 for my best and only male friend who is definitely a fan of yours. 1 for me and because it seemed like a supportive thing to do. When Mistress came out it came late to my door.
    I just hope I can keep my mouth shut next month about a certain website unless I do get it right.
    oh and my BPL reviews are definitely on their summmer reading site and both your books are in all 3 NYC library systems. oh and I have the cutest avatar on the site, imho. LOL

  3. Catherine, I know this very store! I graduated from Villanova University not far away, and also worked for a large aerospace contractor (as a technical *writer,* by the way), right up the road in Valley Forge. Coincidentally, many of the towns of this high-tech area of suburban Philadelphia – adjoining the famous Main Line – are deeply tied to (and named for prominent figures from) 18th-century history: King of Prussia, Wayne (as in General “mad” Anthony) and many others.

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