For the King: another possible book cover

Blog reader Suzanne Levine suggested Gerard’s beautiful portrait of Madame Regnault de Saint-Angely for the cover of my second novel.

So this may boil down to a choice between Madame de Saint-Angely, and the painter Isabey. Both are portraits by Gerard, and very fine works of art.

Or my publisher’s designer might come up with a third idea…

It will turn on a marketing issue: is the emphasis going to be on the historical thriller aspect, which would call for a male figure, or the romantic themes of the novel?

Your opinion, as always, is most welcome. And thanks to Suzanne!

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7 Comments to “For the King: another possible book cover”

  1. Cinderella says:

    I like this one! However, if you’re trying to attract male readers, I suppose the other one might be better.


    Thank you, Julianne!
    Another vote for Isabey/McDreamy. I wish my editor were equally taken by the man, but, again, this is a marketing issue…

  3. This one is pretty, but from what I know about the plot/tone of FTK, the Isabey cover is a better fit. But there’s always the “appealing to potential readers” issue…the publisher might insist on emphasizing the romantic themes. I like this new portrait because I’ve never seen it before and the open window behind her hints at the broadness of the story and potential mystery.


    Eva – That’s exactly the question here: do we go pretty, or do we go mysterious?


    I entirely agree with you, Charlotte. This lady is a bit static. What I like about her is the rather mysterious expression of those sleepy eyes.
    But my vote, like yours, goes to Mr. McDreamy, as you call him.

    Eva – That’s exactly the question here: do we go pretty, or do we go mysterious?

  6. Eva says:

    This one’s really pretty too: I especially love the greens. I think they’d both make great covers, depending on which way the marketing goes.

  7. Charlotte says:

    I really love the idea of “historical thriller” with the focus on the McDreamy young man.

    The full portrait of Madame Regnault de Saint-Angely is nice but rather reserved and not very lively.

    The book cover for “The Mistress of the Revolution” was mysterious, beautiful and her clothes were over the top. The painting makes her appear to have someone whispering in her ear with the words “Do you want to know a secret?”

    I’m not sure that can be said about this portrait.

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