Execution of Louis XVI

On this day in 1793 died on the guillotine Louis XVI. I recommend Elena’s post at Tea at Trianon. On this engraving you can recognize the Place de la Révolution, formerly Place Louis XV (whose equestrian statue used to stand on the empty pedestal) nowadays Place de la Concorde.

Louis XVI execution

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7 Comments to “Execution of Louis XVI”

  1. Catherine Delors says:

    Catherine – The same kind of thing happens to me once in a while!

  2. I had this feeling yesterday – not sure what it was exactly – but I went to the bookcase and selected Stanley Loomis’ ‘Paris in the Terror’, which I’ve read before and couldn’t put down. There was just something in the air. You’ve reminded me.

  3. Catherine Delors says:

    And thanks for this moving post, Elena!

  4. Thank you for the link!

  5. Catherine Delors says:

    Ma chere Penny – Marie-Antoinette was executed later during the same year, on October 16, 1794.

    Dear Paris Apartment – Welcome to Versailles and more! I have long been a fan of your own blog, discovered through Paris Breakfasts.

  6. What a wonderful surprise to find your blog! I spent a good long time getting lost and plan on coming back often!

  7. Penny says:

    Thanks for this post. Apparently Fraser’s biography of Antoinette and Sandra Gulland’s novel have the dates wrong. they both kill off the queen in 1792 or 93. no more Fraser for me.

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