Death of Maurice Jarre, composer extraordinaire

Over 150 scores for American, French, Italian films, three Academy Awards (Doctor Zhivago, A Passage to India, Lawrence of Arabia.) Maurice Jarre passed away today in Los Angeles. Here he is, directing the score of Doctor Zhivago:


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4 Comments to “Death of Maurice Jarre, composer extraordinaire”

  1. Laurel Ann says:

    Sad news. The combination of his music and David Leans filmaking is incomparible. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Catherine Delors says:

    Penny – What a wonderful comment!

    Franklin – I feel the same way, how the novel, film and music capture the tragedy of human destiny in a universal, timeless way. But this is not the last sight Yuri gets of Lara. At the very end, remember the scene when he sees her? But is it really she, or his last earthly wish?

  3. Franklin says:

    Thank you, Catherine, this is beautiful.

    It’s interesting, how, many years on, Doctor Zhivago resonates in particular. I once saw the film through much younger eyes, and now emphathize with the older Yuri, catching his last sight of Laura through the window of the street car.

  4. Penny says:

    i remember those movies. i thought the music was wonderful. Heaven has a new choir master.

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