Back in LA, and Mistress of the Revolution giveaway is ON!

I had a busy time in New York. So many things to discuss with Julie Doughty, my editor, and Amanda Walker, my publicist: fine-tuning the promotion of Mistress of the Revolution, scheduling the publication of my second novel, For the King (March 2009), plans for Book 3…

And also more people to meet at Dutton. The publication of a book is a tremendous team effort between the writer, the agent, the editor, the publicist, the marketing and sales people…

Everyone at Dutton is upbeat and excited about the release of Mistress, and I signed my first copies!!! Julie kindly pointed out that I was signing the copies on the wrong page. So now I even know where to sign (it’s the title page, in case you want to know.) Thanks, Julie, and thanks to everyone at Dutton for making me feel so welcome there!

Now I am back in Los Angeles, and I am happy to report that the book giveaway is in full swing at Loaded Questions. Go there for a chance to win a free copy. Hurry, the giveaway will stop on March 13, which is my publication date…

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