Awards for excellence in blogging: received and given

I was tagged with a Blog Award of Excellence by two separate blogs: World of Royalty and Sofia’s Royal Sweden. My heartfelt thanks to both. This is such an honor, especially when I only began
blogging five months ago! And it entails the obligation of
nominating 10 blogs. If you look at my blogroll, you will realize that it was a difficult decision. But it had to be made. So here are my
choices, in alphabetical order:

A Striped Armchair: for the extraordinary range and diversity of Eva’s reading.

A Work in Progress: Dani’s love of books shines through. for the insights into the
business of publishing and the ethics of writing (and the book reviews, of course.)

History Buff: the name says it all.

Reading the Past: Sarah is the reference on historical fiction. She wrote the book, in fact.

Reading, Raving and Ranting: those Plantagenets are fascinating.

Tea at Trianon: Elena amazes me by the quality, quantity and visual appeal of her output, and her knowledge of French history.

Unusual Historicals: they boldly go beyond Tudor England.

Van Gogh’s Chair: Sheramy knows and loves art, and it shows.

Writing the Renaissance: Julianne brings the French Renaissance to life.

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14 Comments to “Awards for excellence in blogging: received and given”

  1. I must say I am delighted by the response. And my nominees have pointed me to blogs I didn’t know yet.
    Cinderella, thanks again for nominating me and getting this started!

  2. Danielle says:

    How very kind of you to include me in your list! Thank you. It’s nice to have an outlet to talk about books and be able to chat with other booklovers. You have such a lovely blog–and I know I am getting a true picture of what France is like (and was like historically). I love visiting here! Now I have to check out the other blogs on your list that I’m not already familiar with!

  3. Cinderella says:

    Thank you for your list — this is a great way to find new blogs.

  4. Catherine Delors says:

    The words may be kind, Elena, but they are true.

  5. Congratulations on a well-deserved award! And thank you for the kind words ~ a true honor coming from you, Catherine!

  6. Catherine Delors says:

    Yes, and before the days of blogging, there was no way of interacting like this with readers.

  7. Sheramy says:

    It’s funny, isn’t it, how addictive it becomes–all the things you realize you have to say and want to share!

  8. Catherine Delors says:

    Wow, thank you, Sarah!

  9. Sarah says:

    Thank you, Catherine! I really enjoy your blog as well. (And am feeling a tad guilty I haven’t had much time to blog lately…)

    By the way I took Mistress of the Revolution on vacation with me last week and loved it!

  10. Eva says:

    Congrats Catherine: you have a wonderful blog, so it’s well deserved. :) And thanks so much for the nomination!

  11. Catherine Delors says:

    Yes, Julianne, I probably put too much time into this blog, but it is so much fun!
    And you are welcome for the nomination. With Sheramy, we are the new kids on the block (blog) but we are doing pretty well, if I may pat ourselves on our collective backs. Does the sentence make any sense? Whatever, you get my drift.

  12. Congratulations on your award. You put a lot of time into your blog and it shows!

    And thanks so much for the nomination!

  13. Catherine Delors says:

    Thank you, and your blog deserves it!

  14. Sheramy says:

    Congratulations for your award–well deserved!

    And thanks for nominating Van Gogh’s Chair!

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