A virtual day in Versailles

Karin, the Alien Parisienne, has a lavishly illustrated post about her visit to Versailles.

Check out the pictures, they will transport you there. Selfishly I picked this one: see, a blue damask background, as on this blog and my website… Ah!

Versailles paintings blue damask

Versailles paintings blue damask

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5 Comments to “A virtual day in Versailles”

  1. felio vasa says:

    This was fabulous, thanks.

  2. Catherine Delors says:

    Would it really look silly in TX? You need to have your husband look more often at Versailles and more, Elizabeth!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    I would definitely wallpaper my house with that gorgeous wall covering if A. My husband would let me and B. It wouldn’t look so silly in a house in Texas!

  4. Penny Klein says:

    I love it! It looks like my apt. I was in a bad mood from listening to the neighbors fighting and slamming doors, so I hammered in more pictue hooks and made room for Marie Antoinette. Not that I am enamoured of her but I read so much about her and am on a biography of her by Evelyne Lever that I decided to hang her in my dining room. Thanks again for that mature portrait. that is the one I chose. My picture frames and wall might not be as pretty as this but believe me I am surrounding myself with art. It is snowing again here in NYC on 2/25/10. So it will warm me to look at them. Merci Beaucoup

  5. Karin says:

    Thank you so much, Catherine, for linking this post!

    I was looking at another Paris site the other day:

    and discovered there is a photo contest going on through the Château de Versailles website and Flickr. There are some specific rules, and there is more information here: http://en.chateauversailles.fr/concours-photo-en

    I have submitted five photos, and others may be interested in doing so, too.

    I confess I have been spending quite a bit of time taking a virtual tour of the photos that have been uploaded so far for the contest! It is just like getting to visit again and it is wonderful to see the images that others have captured.

    I’m looking forward to springtime when I hope to make a journey back to Versailles in warmer and sunnier weather. :)

    Be well and thank you again!

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