A Versailles update

Savonnerie carpet Royal Chapel

The restoration of the Palace is an ongoing project, and the Art Tribune (a highly recommended read, listed in my blogroll) informs us of the acquisition for over 3 million dollars of a Savonnerie carpet (left) ordered by Louis XV for the Royal Chapel. From the same source, an article on the restoration of the Garde-Robe de Louis XVI. Sorry, the link is not available in English, but please take a look at the photographs. The room consists in a small office and a privy (the meaning at the time of the word garde-robe.) The decoration reflects Louis XVI’s keen interest for the sciences and the navy. Didier Rykner speaks highly of the work done there, and he doesn’t mince his words when it comes to dubious “reconstitutions” like the (very) new Royal Gates.

Also of interest at Versailles a current exhibition (until April 23) on The Splendour of the Court of Saxony: Dresden at Versailles, which I have not seen. For more information and a few pictures see here. And let’s not forget the upcoming Court Costume in Europe 1650-1800″ from March 31 to June 28. No press release on that one yet, but this sounds very promising.

And for an update on this update see here.

Photograph: Sotheby’s

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7 Comments to “A Versailles update”

  1. Catherine Delors says:

    Thank you, Mademoiselle M! The Dresden exhibit looks weird but fascinating, and the next one should be great. I will try to see at least the latter.

    And, on another topic, I added a French-speaking section to my blogroll, and included your blog.

  2. Oh my! I would love to go back to Versailles soon! You always have the most interesting articles on your blog!

  3. Catherine Delors says:

    Thank you, Lady Georgianna! I am honored.

  4. Hi there, fab site! So fab, in fact, I’ve npominated you for the Excessively Diverting Blog Award. Drop by and pick it up sometime!

    Kind regards

  5. Catherine Delors says:

    Didier – I love the tone of the Art Tribune, and agree with many of its positions. I will link to the English version whenever it is online.

    Penny – Wonderful piece, isn’t it? Whatever use it was put to obviously didn’t damage the colors.

  6. Penny Klein says:

    Beautiful. it looks too good for a rug. I understand how sacred prayer places are, but it seems wasted on the floor.

  7. Thank you very much for your appraisal. The article about the restoration of the Garde-Robe will be on line in english on The Art Tribune by a few hours !

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