A new review of Mistress of the Revolution


First I wish to apologize for a longer than usual silence. I spent the Holy Week and Easter in Los Angeles, and personal concerns have kept me from writing for the past few days.

Friends had warned me that Los Angeles had been hard hit by the recession, but I didn’t expect to find my hometown so changed in the few months that have elapsed since my last stay. The Downtown business district seems to have fallen into a deep sleep, and food is many times more expensive than in usually pricier Paris. How do people manage, when faced with dwindling incomes and job losses? Hopefully Los Angeles will pull out of this slump before long and return to its vibrant self.

On a happier note, I want to thank Danya at Night Owl Romance for this wonderful review: “Catherine Delors has established herself at the forefront of historical
novelists with her book Mistress of the Revolution. With believable
characters, a well-crafted plot line and fast-paced writing, Delors has
penned a novel that quickly grasps the reader’s attention. This was one
of the most riveting and intriguing looks at the French revolution… With her eye to detail and
description, Delors will quickly become a household name for historical

What can I say, Danya, beyond a heartfelt thank you? And may you be right on this prediction… Which reminds me I have to complete at long last those final edits of For The King.

And I will go back to the story of the Tuileries tomorrow!

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6 Comments to “A new review of Mistress of the Revolution”

  1. Elisa says:

    It’s good to have you back! :)

  2. Catherine Delors says:

    Penny and Sue – Thank you! For The King will be released in 2010.

  3. Sue says:

    For no particular reason earlier today, I was thinking about how much I loved reading Mistress of the Revolution and wondering when For The king would be published. I hope soon. I am anxious to read another Catherine Delors book! :-)

  4. Penny says:

    Silicon valley is also being affected. and Microsoft(tm)is laying off workers.
    but what i worry about is Watts section of LA. they burned it for a few days eiher in the 70s or 80s.
    but no one should be surprised about the great reviews of your book. my close friend, a man loved your book, and felt Gabrielle was a real person. he is looking forward to your thriller. so i hope your publisher will push up the publication date. i hate waiting till 2010.
    thanks for a great book and web blog.

  5. Catherine Delors says:

    Yes, Ariell, it is a sad sight, and it all seems to happen so fast. Now I have not been to Santa Cruz in a few years, and it is, or was so beautiful, with the seaside and those gorgeous old forests just inland…

  6. Ariell says:

    wow. i haven’t been to LA in a while. i used to visit my sister all the time when she lived there. that would be a sad sight to see:/

    my family goes to santa cruz every summer, and it was just absolutely horrible the last time we went. there was so much poverty everywhere, places were dirty and in shambles, and the prices were sky high.

    it’s crazy how fast things change!

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