A new review: Dani Torres at A Work in Progress (and a tribute to Jane Austen)

Dani posted
a wonderful review of Mistress of the Revolution on her blog.

writes that she was “completely swept up in the drama of the French Revolution”
and that I had her “as fast as any edge-of-your-seat thriller with the added
bonus of very good writing rich in historical details.”

Dani picked up in
my historical note that I wanted to write the novel in the language of someone
speaking the British English used in 1815. Indeed! I felt strongly about that
point, and am grateful to my publisher not to have made me use modern American
English. That which would have been totally anachronistic for my narrator and
heroine, Gabrielle.

I owe my familiarity with early 19th century British
English to Jane Austen. I read her novels so many times, with such delight that
I know them almost by heart.

So, with all due humility, affection and
admiration, I can say that I write in English, my second language, thanks to
Jane. Whenever I had trouble with the turn of a sentence, I only had to ask
myself: how would Jane have said that? I would never have the pretension to
compare my novels to hers, but she was there as a wonderful source of

Dani’s review also made me very happy because she mentions
thrillers, and my second and third novels will be thrillers. Speaking of Book 3,
I received this morning several scholarly works I will use for my research. I
can’t wait to take a good bite at that project, but first I need to finalize the
edits of For The King.

As I was doing so this afternoon, some
comedic dialog between two of my conspirators cropped up out of nowhere. It is
so odd, because they were discussing matters of life and death. Yet this dialog
felt… well, if I may say so, almost Austenian. I can only hope it still does

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    Well, thank you for participating in the For The King book cover discussion! Feel free to post any suggestions, the process is still wide open…
    As for Novel 3, I already plunged into the books I ordered for my research, and at the same time my characters are screaming at me to be written. Right now they are ensconced in a harsh winter in the mountains of Auvergne.

  8. Danielle says:

    It’s always a pleasure writing about a really enjoyable book! I’m so glad that your publisher didn’t ask you to modernize the language. Readers really do pick up on that when it comes to historical fiction. It felt much more authentic the way you wrote it, which is not to say it wasn’t a nice, clear prose–because it was. I didn’t realize that you were actually working on your third book–how exciting. I love historical thrillers, so I can’t wait to hear more about them (and read them!).

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