A new blog on the Affair of the Necklace

Marie Antoinette Vigee-Lebrun

It is titled The Queen’s Diamonds. All right, the diamonds of the famous necklace were never Marie-Antoinette’s, but they were so closely associated with her by public opinion that the name is appropriate. The necklace itself became known as the Queen’s Necklace.

Elizabeth begins with portraits of some of the main characters, and she confesses to being hooked by Frances Mossiker’s remarkable book. I certainly relate to that. Elizabeth is also writing a historical novel on the Affair, with Mademoiselle d’Oliva as the central character.

An excellent choice, by the way, because the young prostitute remains as much a mystery to me as any other character in this dauntingly complex plot. Mademoiselle d’Oliva had come to the notice of the La Motte couple because of her uncanny resemblance to Marie-Antoinette.

The La Mottes hired Mademoiselle d’Oliva to impersonate the Queen and took her, dressed in royal finery, to Versailles in a hackney. There, in the Grove of Venus, she handed a rose to a great lord, who was in fact the Cardinal de Rohan…

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4 Comments to “A new blog on the Affair of the Necklace”

  1. Catherine Delors says:

    Gabriella, Penny, Judith, I agree: what a great, fascinating story the Necklace makes. Again I cannot recommend Frances Mossiker’s book enough.

  2. Judith says:

    Hi Catherine,
    I can’t wait to check this site out. A wonderful story with such vivid characters. I love to learn more about the incident. Thank you! I hope you are well.

  3. Penny says:

    thank you for this posting. i enjoyed the book. it was hard at first making out which character was doing what. because i was not sure my prejudice against Rohan was fair. i like mysteries but i don’t read modern ones. i have so much to read on French lit and history. then there is Italian as well to catch up on. so thank you for the book and the link to the other blog that gives her theory of what actually happened. i still am not sure that letters existed. i egaraly await your Tours pictures. i have put up more picture nails so that i can include them as well as my vacation photos. if i can entice you to m 55th birthday in Brooklyn you will see the diferent ways your artwork has shown up in my apt. thanks for it.
    and don’t forget to tell us about your birthday party. oh to be so young again. I would give up my wounded left shoulder. i fell on it on my 53rd birthday. i was trying to avoid falling but to no avail. anyway keep blogging as you can and i still expect an autograph, photograph and hugs for your books. i think i might be having 2 celebrations for 55. one in HNS if it is then and one here in Brooklyn for the non snobs of the US who will fly in for me. really there are americans who think Brooklyn is crime central and have no understanding at all of all the cutural things to see etc. ok sorry for the soap box.

  4. Gabriela says:

    Hello Catherine,

    Thanks so much for the heads up!
    I love this story about the necklace.

    ~ Gabriela ~

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