A lilac update

lilac BloomerangSadly lilacs are gone already, and every year I mourn their passing. 

But wait! I hear that a new new cultivar, by the name of Bloomerang, is out, and hold on: after its spring flowering, it reblooms through summer, apparently until the first frosts. It is available from White Flower Farm (or rather was, because it is sold out this year.)
I have a few reservations, apart from the name, of course (how unromantic for such a lovely plant!) The new cultivar does not grow above four or five feet, so it will forever remain a shrub, and the second flowering, from the pictures at Flowergardengirl, seems a bit sparse. 
But if the fragrance of the lilac remains with us all summer, it is worth it…
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4 Comments to “A lilac update”

  1. tubbs says:

    Woe is me….temporarily assigned to the Palm Beach, FL area, I have missed the two most beautiful things of May— lilacs and lily-of-the-valley. When I get home (PA) next year, I will make sure my garden is packed with those two items.

  2. Ellen Moody says:

    Although I’m no gardener, I do love to look at flowers and walk at length in green parks. In our garden we have patches of buttercups and clover and I keep flowers in my workroom.

    I like the picture and tone — also the blog on adieu to May.


  3. Bring on the lilacs! Maybe practice will make perfect. They do look a bit sparse. I’m not sure about this, now that I think about it. No, no once a year is fine. At least I hope they smell divine!

  4. Thanks for the link. I’m hoping the Bloomerang is all that they advertise. It would be nice to have a rebloomer.

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