A French good luck charm

The 1st of May is a holiday here (Labor Day) and it is customary on that occasion to present friends with lilies of the valley as a good luck charm. So here are a few sprigs, with all my thanks for visiting here and my best spring wishes.

Speaking of spring, I am finally back in Paris today, after what feels like months of travel. The air is milder at last, the sky is blue, with big fluffy white clouds, and all the trees in the city are blooming: the horse chestnuts white and bright pink, and the pawlonias lavender. I might go take a few pictures this week-end to celebrate my return…

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  1. Percocet. says:




    Today was the first full day I spent with my son in several weeks, and he was pretty jetlagged, so we took a leisurely walk in our neighborhood. The weather was sunny and mild, and everyone who hadn’t left Paris was having drinks at the terrace of the bistros or strolling on the streets (it is still spring break for schools, and the middle of the big May 1st extended week-end.)

    This coming week has another 4-day week-end, which we plan on spending at a friend’s country house. I hope she lets me post a few pictures. Her place is absolutely lovely, was built in the 1780s, just before the Revolution. Actually it is a village house, but the garden is designed in such a manner that you have a view of the Eure Valley in the distance and you feel completely in the countryside. And it is less than an hour by train or car from the heart of Paris.

    I am so glad to be back here!

  3. I’m not jealous about the flowers, it’s the being in Paris part…. :)


    My friend Nelly, who emailed me this picture of the lilies in the valley (and claims, with some reason, the title of blog official photographer) tells me that in Los Angeles the jacarandas are blooming purple too…

  5. You’re making us all jealous……


    Yes, thank you, Jacouille!
    I gather you are a fan of Christian Clavier in Les Visiteurs? I loved that movie too.

  7. JACOUILLE says:

    I Hope you had a great trip Catherine!

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