A French country house

Check out this place. No chichis, no priceless antiques, but a warm feeling, touches of vibrant color everywhere and those brocante finds (yes, I am a junk store/thrift store addict myself.) And the cat with the funny nose in the messy garden, of course…


French country house, with cat

This comes from the blog Inspiring Interiors, to which I subscribe, just because it lifts my spirits to find a tour of a beautiful place in my inbox every morning.

The images come from one of my favorite decoration sites, Art & Decoration. I purchase the (monthly) paper magazine too.


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5 Comments to “A French country house”

  1. Terrans says:

    Hi Catherine,

    I am new to your blog and found you on Internet. I subscribed.
    The chateau art and decoration pictures look marvelous from your chosen link.

    Have a fantastic week,


  2. Richard, I can’t wait to see the pix of the renovated Chateau!

  3. richard says:

    Our dream house. as soon as I chase my son out we start renovating our Chateau.

  4. Well, Kifus, I hope you enjoy my blog as much as I enjoy yours. I don’t often write about decoration (other than in the 18th century context) but I was charmed by this lovely country house. Looking forward to your next posts!

  5. Kifus says:

    Ohh, Cahterine, how sweet of you to mention my blog and for the kind words! I love everything French and your blog is beautiful.
    Off to read some of your posts!

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